about me

Hiya, I'm Kate

There's no "been published 8248234 in XYZ Magazine". There's no "technical perfection". There's no "only models are beautiful". Because I'd be lying. I'm twenty-something, currently based in Cologne, but I'm dreaming about London and/or the sea. I love good food, chill evenings with my friends and a good glass of wine, I love capturing love and beauty. Light is my source of inspiration, as well as humans are. I sing all day and probably annoy people with it, but I see music as a language that everyone understands equally. And to be honest I wanted to be a singer first, before I even had a camera in my hands for the first time.

My Principles

Why I started

I started with photography, because I was fascinated by the idea that you can press a button and save a moment forever in a physical product. To create memories. To capture true souls. To stage situations and tell stories.

It's about the story

I don't care, if someone has the most beautiful face on earth. What I care about is the person behind the face, the story of that person. I don't care about the most expensive dress. I want to know how it was made, why it was made.

Art is my safe haven

No matter what kind of art, they're all my home, my safe haven. Paintings, songs, melodies, dances, acting, photos - it doesn't matter.

Black & White

I prefer black & white over colour all the time. Probably because I first learned to shoot b/w film and also developed it.